Jared James Nichols & Tuk Smith

With nothing more than a Gibson Les Paul slung over his shoulder, a warm amp turned all the way up,and a hot microphone on and ready, Jared James Nichols churns out the kind of rock that rips, roars, androlls without filter or apology. The Wisconsin-born and Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and guitaristdelivers a one-two punch of gritty vocals straight from the gut and incendiary fret fireworks. Afterearning widespread acclaim from the likes of American Songwriter, Guitar World, Relix, and more,tallying millions of streams, and packing houses at countless shows, he showcases every side of himselfon his 2023 self-titled third full-length offering, Jared James Nichols [Black Hill Records]. “You have to strip yourself back so many times to figure out what you’re trying to do,” he observes. “Forme, it was quite simple. As an artist, music is freedom; music is whatever you want it to be. So, I see itwith the bumps, the bruises, the crashes, and everything intact. The album is a day in the life with theups and downs, but it musically rings true to who I am as an artist.” Back in 2015, Jared emerged with his debut Old Glory & The Wild Revival. On its heels, the 2018 follow-up Black Magic yielded the fan favorite “Honey Forgive Me,” piling up over 3.8 million Spotify streamsand counting. In between show stopping solo shows, he performed alongside icons a la Slash, BillyGibbons, Zakk Wylde, and even the late Leslie West, to name a few. Guitar World attested, “If you’venever witnessed Jared James Nichols onstage, let us say right now: you’re missing out, big time.”Following the 2021 fan favorite Shadow Dancer EP, he collaborated with both Maggie Rose and JoeBonamassa in 2022 for revised versions of his song “Threw Me To The Wolves.”Along the way, Gibson formally welcomed him as an official ambassador, plotting the release of severalsignature Jared James Nichols guitars. Blackstar Amps followed suit and Seymour Duncan also designeda signature pickup to his specification—due out in 2023.By keeping it simple, Jared remains primed to leave his imprint on rock ‘n’ roll forever.“I hope you listen to this record and connect to it,” he leaves off. “Rock ‘n’ roll is not always about athrowback. It’s fucking 2022, dude. I’m right here, and I’m ready to rip. I’m not trying to be anybody butmyself and play the music I love for today. I’m giving you loud ass guitars and no fucks given rock ‘n’ roll,and I’m loving it.”www.jaredjamesnichols.com