Zach Rushing featuring: Dustin Sims and Jesse Peyton

18+ Zach Rushing, a famous comedian, mainly known for doing raw and brutal comedy, earned immense recognition when he did two sold-out shows during US comedy Tour in Bonne Terre. People came from Florida just to see Zach performing on the stage. Moreover, he is also famous for making controversial statements that open a way for his fans to talk with him.  Zach Rushing, who was born in the Wildfires of Australia, now lives in South Mississippi.  Also, the YouTuber has majored in Criminal justice, but he wanted to establish his career as a motivational comic. The comedy tour in Bonne Terre made him immensely famous and boy did he sell his tickets. People flocked to watch him at the Hook Comedy Club in Naples as well.  His career has really taken off! Come on out to Manchester Music Hall to hear Zach Rushing! Dustin Sims and Jesse Peyton will be joining him onstage. You won’t want to miss this awesome comedy show.