See world class musicians in Lexington, KY

The Oso Special Band – A Celebration of Goose Creek Symphony

Ages 18 and up
Friday, February 17
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm


Join us for a one-night celebration of “Goose Creek Symphony.”  “The Oso Special Band,” “Laid Back and Honey,” and many other talented musicians will be pickin’ some of y’all’s favorite tunes from our favorite band. The doors are at 7:00 pm and show is over at 11:00 pm.  
The night will feature 3hrs of various songs from Goose Creek Symphony.  There will be different combinations of artis on the stage throughout the night.

Laid Back and Honey
Cody Lee Meece (Cody Lee Meece and the Poor Excuses)
Daniel Stroud (Daniel Stroud’s Sleeping Dogs)
Jeremy Short
Thomas Keathley (Dark Moon Hollow)
Roddy Pucket (Wolfpen Branch)
Chelsea Nolan
Don Rogers
Aaron Boyd
Dylan Forester
Charlie Overman
Clay Case
Severn Edmondson (Darrin Hacquard Music)
Peyton McDaniel.
The Oso Special Band (The Poor Excuses)